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Regina and South Saskatchewan

EAA Chapter 154 CAF B-25 Bomber Tour Aug 14 to 17




B-25 BOMBER TOUR – Regina – August 14 to 17 2015

The Commemorative Air Force's B-25 Bomber, Miss Mitchell, was in Regina Aug 14 to 17. The aircraft was on site for "History Flights" and ground tours.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this event a great success. A total of 51 people bought flights on Miss Mitchell resulting in 10 "History Flights" as well as over a thousand people through the door to see the B-25. There were also 3 sponsor flights and 1 media flight so the flight crew were kept hopping.  The CAF personal were amazed at the attendance and said they had never done 5 "History Flights" in a day previously let alone two days running. On the downside with the B-25 being in the air so much ground tours suffered, our apologies to those people unable to get through the aircraft.

The CAF personnel were very professional and a pleasure to deal with.We look forward to having them back in Regina again some day. 

I would also like to thank our sponsors and volunteers, without you this event wouldn't have been possible. 

Also a special thanks to Malcolm McLeod the EAA 154 event co-ordinator and Dennis Dobrowolski of Dobs Aviation who spearheaded getting this event off the ground. 

 You can visit the CAF web page for more information on Miss Mitchell.


We would like to extend a special thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible.

Major Sponsors  

    • ABTEC Construction 
    • Lipset Cartage
    • Timothy Kramer
Additional Sponsors
    • Prairie Aircraft Sales
    • McGinn Engineering
    • Regina Airport Authority
    • Provincial Airways
    • Dobs Aviation
    • Nimbus Water Shop
    • Ralph McKay Industries
    • Regina Flying Club
    • Prairie Flying Service

 Pictures from the Regina tour stop.

Larry Edwards and his wife stopped by to see the B-25. Larry has the distinction of flying the last B-25 out of Saskatchewan in Dec 1958 when the B-25's in Saskatoon were replaced with Beech C-45 Expeditors (for use in a search and rescue roll).





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