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Regina and South Saskatchewan

Zenair CH701

The Saskatchewan EAA chapter has received a partially completed Zenair CH701 STOL aircraft donated by the estate of Richard Paice a Regina private pilot. Richard had been working on the project since 2007 when he attended a Rudder Building Workshop at the Zenith factory in Mexico, Missouri.

Sadly Richard passed away in 2016, it was his wish that the project be donated to our EAA chapter.

Special thanks to Richard Paice and his family for this wonderful donation.

Build Sessions

Build sessions are being held most Saturday mornings 9:00 to noon and Wednesday evenings 7:00 to 10:00. An email will be sent to chapter members to verify build sessions are occurring. Building sessions are in the shop (garage) behind Noel's house 3115 Zech Place.

Non members are welcome to attend a build session, please contact me at to verify session is on and let us know your coming.

Feb 2019

The CH701 is progressing nicely, significant work has been done on the forward fuselage and controls. Next the seat back and bottoms to be installed.





Oct 2018

Work continues on the forward fuselage, flaperon controls are hung in place and design for the Bennie Mod is underway. The Viking engine has been test run but it will be awhile before it is ready to hang on the firewall. Currently working on the cowling for the front of the fuselage.

It is looking more and more like an aircraft as the build progresses.

Regina Flying Club Open House June 3, 2018

Got the fuselage mounted on the wheels and took the 701 down to the flying club open house. Once again we had a part for the kids to assist with building and they enjoyed learning how to use Cleco's. One of the parents mentioned their sons had eagerly been waiting for the open house so they could help build again. Each of the young builders received a sticker saying I Kept Calm and Built the Airplane! Thanks to Dave and Heather for designing the stickers and getting them printed.

 Set-up and waiting for the crowd to arrive.





May 17th, 2018 update

Lots of work has been done on the forward fuselage even though it doesn't show. Parts previously clecoed together have been riveted and prep work completed on the landing gear. We've been held up slightly waiting for the engine mount, but that is now in transit with the engine.

On Wednesday we had the main gear on for awhile making sure everything was fitting correctly  

 Test fitting the windshield

March 31 2018 update

The front and rear fuselage have been celcoed together the kit is really starting to look like an aircraft, so much so Noel was tempted to take a virtual flight!

 Riveting the front fuselage floor

 Dave clecoing the front fuselage to the rear section.


 Noel is ready for flight


Progress Update March 21

The forward fuselage has been deburred, primed and we started pulling rivets at the March 21st build session. More riveting this Saturday and we should be ready to mate the rear and forward sections together.



Progress Update Jan 22

Almost finished what can be done on the firewall on the Jan 20 session. Fuselage floor is next!




Progress Update Dec 22, 2017

Good progress being made on the CH 701, the rear fuselage has been set aside and construction started on the firewall. 

 We will break for the holidays and resume building on Wednesday January 3rd at 7p.m.


Build Session at the Regina Flying Club Open House

Chapter held a build session at the Regina Flying Club Open House on Sept 17th, 2017.  Great interest from the adults and kids, we had budding young builders placing Clecos in holes after we drilled them out. Of course they had to sign the builder's log book after having helped build the plane. About 30 signed the book and mostly girls, I think there is going to be a lot of female pilots coming up.


Signing the Build Log Book 


A few of our many young helpers 

Build Session 2 Rear Fuselage


Build Session 1 Rear Fuselage

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